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I have positive and negative traits. I am sociable person by nature. I consider that the most important traits are: honesty, sincerity, if you can sacrifice for another person, kindness, understanding, wisdom. I can’t say that I have all these traits, but I try to bring up them in myself. I like swimming very much, to visit side-show parks. I read books: science and religion, philosophy and art. My hobby is embroidery, I embroider with strass, sparkles and ribbon (I can use it for evening dress as well as for daily clothes). Continue reading

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find Ukrainian wife onlineDating the ladies from other countries is a thing that requires a lot of tools to be invented, improved and then inserted. In fact, dating on the Internet is usually connected to the European ones, especially when it comes to looking for Slavic wife. Some single men prefer the ladies from Belarus, a part of them wants to date Russian ones and there is a big number of those who learned to love the beauty of Ukrainian girls. This article will be helpful for those wondering how to find Ukrainian wife without becoming a victim of Internet scammers who found themselves on dating service before the special protection had been set up. Continue reading

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Free Russian online datingToday you will learn how to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet, without much effort, all you need is to get some dating knowledge. But remember that you should not only read interesting and useful information, but also apply it in practice, making mistakes, learning from them and gaining experience. Continue reading