How to stay in a long term relationship

long term relationship gay datingI always wondered how people resist over the years? It is well known that love doesn’t lasts forever, and relationships, after lots of years, become custom are go over the years being based on respect and things that keep the two together day by day. I always wondered if the relationships between people from the LGBT community are different. I mean, if they last longer, considering that they are same gender. After lots of thinking I realized that it was silly for me to think that. And let me tell you why. Continue reading

Waplog Chat Dating App: Review

It is hard to imagine today’s world without smart phones and gadgets. Waplog application was created especially for you, for lonely soul who is looking for his/her second part, friend, and special person. Continue reading

How to Set Up a Double Date

Going on a date includes a lot of fun, going to a double date is one of the most interesting thing. It is less stressful. You can choose your closest friend and his partner, invite a couple whom you know, who have the same interests with you. Continue reading