Become a Good “Catch”

It is not a secret when we radiate sunshine and are happy within us, we attract more people and more people want to get acquainted with us, to get a ray of sun. And vice versa, when you are negative, your life goes slowly and looking for a partner becomes even more difficult, since people feel you are sad and don’t want that fatigue to have a reflect on them. People do feel this subconsciously.
Always remember that your physical appearance doesn’t play such an important role as your inner world. And your appearance also depends on your inner state, when you are happy you have more desire taking care of yourself and your inner glow radiates from inside. Your inner glow is a signal for other people to get together. So, number one in becoming a good catch is your inner glow.
Then your availability goes. If your potential candidates would always see you in a company of your friends, with other people, you will get on the list of unavailable people and thus you can spend years looking for your special someone. You need to be open to the new relationship. In case you are afraid to start a new relationship, getting rejection, etc. you will need to come through this.

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Third is your appearance and chemistry. Be attentive to everything, your posture, your look overall. Very often we dress wrong for the person we would like to attract.
Another very important thing is your maturity level or emotional age. If you are still emotionally immature, you will need to grow up in this respect during the short period of time and do this when you are single.
Take in consideration your energy level and remember that a v passive person will never do with an active one. Energy level and our attitude are very important.
So, learn to be happy being single, improve you at all stages and be open to the new relationships.