Can a Friend Become a Lover?

You need to know the sad truth about women’s nature. When a woman meets a man for the first time in first several minutes she determines the type of relationship she is going to have with you in future. She can look at you as her potential lover or her potential friend. During the first 3-5 minutes a woman will make the most important judgments about you.
When this decision is done, you will be put in this or that category once and forever. The case when a great friend becomes a lover can be seen just in the movies; in real life things are different.
If you get in the list of potential lovers and you had an affair, then you cannot remain friends, simply because she is physically attracted to you and there will be no real friendship between you two. If she considers you a friend, who just hangs out with her, holding her purse, being a shoulder for her tears, going shopping together, and be in there anytime she needs you. All your efforts would be in vain, since you will never get out from the category of friends. You would be locked out there forever.
So, the best solution here is forgetting this girl and finding the one that will consider you as a sexual partner. Yes, you can also work hard and with great amount of effort, make your lady date you, but just think how long it can last since there was no initial attraction? Most likely, this relationship is doomed to fail and in quite a short time.
So, what to do not to get on friend’s list? Take advantage of these few minutes when the woman ‘scans’ you to decide what category you belong to. Have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude and send her signals you wish to be a lover and not a friend. You can easily achieve this by flirting, teasing, smiling seductively, etc. Don’t be just a nice guy to become just a friend. The best way of getting out from friend’s category is never getting there.

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