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Web chat refers to any form of communication by the means of internet when people engage in real-time conversation using their computers or other devices having internet connection. This form of communication represents a great step forward the way people from all over the earth can meet each other, connect and create bonds of any kind. It also allows modified human interactions on all levels in virtual life.


As a rule, the participants of on-line chat would use free chat rooms, where they can get in touch with random people and communicate on different topics or engage in private chats with certain individuals.

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As an alternative to this, people can choose special software for instant messaging that allows organizing the list of friends, lead individual chats or group conferences. On-line chatting usually refers to text-based chats on-line, but today there are many services that allow free video chats via webcams when you can text and see each other, or even take advantage of the “call” function, when you are able not only see the person, but also talk.


In the last decade on-line chat has had a great cultural effect that has influenced our lives in many ways. Free chat helps people create on-line identity that can be quite different from the real one, but also influences the social behavior of the individual. Many people, who are shy by nature, feel calm and free when meeting people on-line and chatting there; others claim that people, who spend much time in on-line chats start preferring this means of communication to the real ones.

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On-line chat has helped to create a new language that is understood not only by the English speakers, but the bearers of many other languages. It can be called an entirely new language characteristics of which are shortening of words to describe emotional states mostly.

On-line chat is very spread among adults who can easily adapt to new technologies. Today many people use on-line chat as means of establishing social relationships within their country and beyond. This type of communication can help young generations become more accepting of other cultures and mentalities, as Internet has virtually opened the window to the rest of the world.

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Instant messenger and free chat provide the medium, where people can connect living across the world from each other, strengthen the long-distance relationship and stay in touch with friends and relatives. Moreover, on-line chat can help people engage in real-life relationships: friendship, romance and even marriage.