Five Great Ideas on Dating in Birmingham


birmigdatingBirmingham has much to offer in terms of dating. In the present article you will find 5 great ideas for romancing someone in the city of Birmingham. If you are stuck for a special place to invite your special one, then this article can be very helpful. Here you will find some great ideas of memorable dates that include something more than just having a few drinks in your location.

Get Floral

If you are looking for a natural, relaxed date outside in romantic ambiance, then don’t look further than Botanical Gardens. This place is perfect for holiday or weekend walk on a sunny warm day. This place offers beautiful surroundings that will add to the romance on your date. Botanical Gardens where opened in 1832 and consists of 15 acres area of glasshouses and plants. Be sure you and your date will find many interesting things to look at here! Regular displays, fairs and musical evenings are held here in case you decide to extend your day. After a long walk, you will most likely want to enjoy evening at one of the greatest Birmingham’s pubs enjoying a delicious meal and a glass of nice drink.

Time to Enjoy Free Blues

It makes no sense to go to the closest bar on a Friday night after work, when there is something much more interesting taking place in your city. For you to know, ‘Rushour Blues’ offers free concerts every Friday in the foyer of the amazing Birmingham Symphony Hall. Every week a different artist performs. The time you can enjoy a free concert ranges from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm. Then you can go to the bar located nearby and discuss the music your heard or anything else you two would like to.sexygirlsfree

Go Artsy

Like many cities around the United Kingdom, Birmingham has some fantastic museums and art galleries, most of which are free! In fact, if you are looking for a variety of things under one roof or simply feel lazy like going to many places at once, then you need to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.  Everyone will find something to their taste in a great collection of pre-Raphaelite period and over half a million of objects to their name.

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The great thing about an artsy date is that because there is so much to look at and discuss, you get to know your date better and the topics for your conversation never dry up. Besides this, lots of venues offer open evenings with drinks and food, exhibitions and special talks.  Birmingham museums are something to consider when planning your date!

Canals to Explore

Extensive canals are one of Birmingham’s most prominent features. Today you can order many boats trip along these canals that where so important for the city during the Industrial revolution. You can choose between a short tour and a longer dinner cruise. Invite your date to observe Birmingham from another perspective!


Going to cinema is for sure one of the clichés of dating in Birmingham and for sure is not the best choice for the first date, but not all the cinemas are equal. Electric Cinema is not only the oldest cinema in Birmingham, but in the country. The place boasts of luxury seating and great waiter service. Using your mobile you can order drinks when watching a movie. Thus, this is not an ordinary cinema date…