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I have positive and negative traits. I am sociable person by nature. I consider that the most important traits are: honesty, sincerity, if you can sacrifice for another person, kindness, understanding, wisdom. I can’t say that I have all these traits, but I try to bring up them in myself. I like swimming very much, to visit side-show parks. I read books: science and religion, philosophy and art. My hobby is embroidery, I embroider with strass, sparkles and ribbon (I can use it for evening dress as well as for daily clothes).
I would like to meet nice, sincere and finacially secure man. I shall prefer the letters from Europe. If you want to have family, love, happiness, I shall get acquainted with you with pleasure. Who is interested in acquaintance only for a sex, please, do not disturb. Ladies’ man, who like to change the women and those who like sado-masohism, do not disturb me.

Girls phone number on WhatsApp)

I am kind, sympathetic, hard-working, honest, smart lady. I like to spend my free time to sport, to swim in pool; at the winter time I like to ski. I love animals and children, but only other’s kids. My attitude to haughtiness, envy, reserve, greediness, hypocrisy, spite and betrayal is bad and disdainful. I don not like a conflicts. But if I see that I can not to run from it I am strong and do not let to someone to offend me or my close people. I imagine man with who I would like to meet like easy, sympathetic, a little bit tender and caurageus man, who would be mental and physical active, who would have various interests, not bore and faithful person. I would like he was witty and cheerful. I think that humor is one of the important quality in person and it is like a common link between people. Agny Rellayer said: “You can not love person if you never lough with him”.
Girls phone number on WhatsApp

I am a cheerful and lively lady. In people I value honesty, decency, and ability to keep their word that is why I always do my best to be the same. I am a sincere person and I am easy and pleasant to be with. My main hobby is literature. I love reading books. It is they that show me the variety and wonders of the world around and beauty of the human nature. Besides I like going in for fitness and dancing. First of all I am seeking a loyal, smart and strong-willed friend in my future life partner. I want to meet a man who will get me interested as a strong and versatile person. In my turn I will do my best to give him all my warmth, affection and love. I believe that possibility to trust your partner and shared interests and life goals are the most important things in a marriage
Girl phone number on WhatsApp

I am a very serious and purposeful lady. I always achieve my set goals. But sometimes I feel like to be just a woman: weak, unprotected, affectionate and sensitive. I am an optimist probably that is why I love life. I have a lot of interests. But sports and exercises are my passion. I am into fitness. I like going to the gym, playing badminton, tennis and baseball. I love reading historical novels, listening to the music and watching shows on TV. I have a romantic nature that is why I love nature, sea, beach and candlelit dinners. I love children and animals, cats in particular. I have a wonderful cat called Rafael I share my home with.
I value such traits as decency, sincerity, self-assurance and independence in a man. I would like to meet a kind, considerate, affectionate man who is able to deeply love his woman. I believe that respect and trust are priorities in relations between a man and a woman. If I am able to find my right man I will make a good and faithful wife and sincere and loyal friend to him.
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