Helping Russian brides to meet a foreigner.



One of the women who was interested to meet a foreigner in order to start a family with him, has asked for help in finding that man, as due to the curious people at her work she could not place a profile on a russian dating agency, and that is why she needed help in finding a man. Later in the letter she mentioned that she is a teacher at the University, due to dedicating her life to teaching her students and to the science she lost her chance of getting married when she was young, so when she turned thirty two years old she decided that she is ready and willing to create a family in the nearest future, that is why she placed a profile on a famous dating with foreigners website, but her colleagues from work somehow found out about it, and started to make fun of her because of that. And it was a shame, as she is a very decent and nice lady from a good family who is simply looking for love and a soul mate. Unfortunately it is difficult for her to find a decent man in her own city, as you can rarely find a sober man in it, while finding a sober and single man is simply impossible. Tamara (that is her name) had tried placing a profile on some foreign website but they all require her credit card details, which she eventually doesn’t have.

Well it is hard giving advices in this kind of situation, especially some right ones, but in this situation a good thing would be to think about her own wishes and desires, when it comes to personal happiness, there is no point listening to the mean jokes of people who are so miserable their selves that find some joy in humiliating another person, regarding personal life issues. A truly happy person would never laugh at someone’s unhappiness but would try to do anything possible in order to help, which is exactly what is called being a good person.


Internet has its own pluses and minuses; it all depends just on the angle under which we are looking at the situation. So if not risking in the attempt to become happy when why living at all?! There always were and always will be mean people who would find all sort of reasons to make your life not that happy, that is why it is important to learn not paying attention to them.

Another letter came from Darya, who is twenty four years old, she wrote that she is looking for a husband abroad for a very long time, but currently she is studying in a very prestigious university, and is afraid that if she will get married during her studies, she will never get the chance to finish the university as she will have to move to her husband’s country after the wedding.

A good advice would be to wait those few years needed to finish studying and only after that concentrating upon finding a spouse abroad. It is not that easy and fast as it looks like to her, there is time needed for correspondence, than there is certain time needed for the first visit to her hometown, and in the case if they will like each other, there will be needed more time and more visits until the proposal, so my point of view is that she should not worry about it, she has enough time in order to succeed everywhere, but for some reason she is concentrating now upon the things that do not matter.

And let’s not forget the importance of mutual love and respect in the relationship and in the family as well, if the man truly loves his woman he will never force her doing something that she doesn’t want to or is not ready yet, as well, as he will not oblige her giving up on her dream and having a profession, especially when she came so close to the point when she can finally get it.

True love is able to overcome all the obstacles that are set by life.