How do you match on Tinder: 5 steps to find a hookup

As you probably know, Tinder app is swipe-based and matches the users automatically. If you both swiped right on each other, you become a match and can see each other in the queue of matches.

On a contrary, if one of you or both swiped left, nothing happens and you aren’t matched. However, although these processes are totally automatic, you can help this happen and optimize it.

  • Develop your aesthetic taste. If you do that, you’ll choose the best profile photo for yourself and start swiping faster. Train your feeling of beauty and you’ll match often.
  • Fill in your bio. Too often, the bio section on Tinder isn’t filled at all.  Use this site to find hookups. That’s not good as matches may get curious and check for the bio before chatting. Make sure you fill it.
  • Quick response matters. You must understand the principle of work that dictates the high speed. A person is swiping quickly and messaging everyone they liked, so be fast too.
  • Enter often. It might not be very mature to sit in Tinder all day, but checking it every several hours brings great results.


  1. Unlike traditional dating sites, women dating chat apps can help single men meet and chat with women.

  2. These apps contain photos, profiles, and other personal information for women looking for love.

  3. If you’re single and don’t want to go out and meet new people, women dating chat apps could be perfect for you.

  4. As long as you don’t send sexual messages in the early stages, women dating chat apps can be an excellent way to meet someone attractive and exciting.

  5. It’s recommended to start out with an ‘hello’ or ‘hello from the other side’ and work your way up to discussing your common interests and likes.

  6. If you’re not sure how to approach a woman online, it’s best to start small and talk about everyday things.

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