How to stay in a long term relationship

long term relationship gay datingI always wondered how people resist over the years? It is well known that love doesn’t lasts forever, and relationships, after lots of years, become custom are go over the years being based on respect and things that keep the two together day by day. I always wondered if the relationships between people from the LGBT community are different. I mean, if they last longer, considering that they are same gender. After lots of thinking I realized that it was silly for me to think that. And let me tell you why.


I went to a gay dating. I took my boyfriend to a double date with a couple formed by two girls and we debate this issue. They are together for almost five years and I really wanted to know how did they manage to stay for so long and have such a beautiful relationship. I never saw them to be upset one at the other or to have different opinions about something. they said they never argue about anything. I always thought that things might be like this considering that there are two women in a relationship and being the same gender they have same tastes, same opinions, same likes or dislikes. And I was so wrong. I realized how silly I was to thing that if you go to a gay dating, you and the other are almost the same. The secret was that they had a pact. Never to argue in public and always talk about what each of them like, dislike, wishes and all the things that they consider to be necessary that the relationship works. And until now they didn’t have fights only because they are the type of people that are very calm and talk a lot one to each other.


And then it hit me. We all try to find our match and if we see couples that get along and they are also gay, we think that this works because they are alike. Is untrue. We are all different. Same gender relationships or straight ones are formed of two people. It depends of us to make thing work. A relationship will never be perfect, because we are nor  perfect. We just have to find a way to talk more often, to try to listen the other and to agree that nothing is easy if you don’t make it to be. And if you find the way to do that, then you can be sure that you will have a long term and happy relationship.



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