Scruff gay community & chat review: the choice of millions

What makes Scruff a gay dating leader?

It’s not just accidentally that gay men are considered the most fashionable and sophisticated. They usually have bright personalities and refined tastes. That’s why this group of singles cannot be satisfied with a plain classical dating app. For decades, they needed something like Scruff – a unique  trendy app with features of a social network. 12+ million active members worldwide is a clear sign of the target audience’s appreciation.

The number of members doesn’t always indicate the positive impact of the app, but reviews do. 10 000+ thankful reviews on Apple store is a rare phenomenon that we observe only with Scruff and a few more platforms.

In fact, the list of advantages is too long so it quickly becomes understood why so many gay, trans, and bi-men are choosing exactly Scruff.

As a social network, Scruff doesn’t set any boundaries for its audience. Gay couples and threesomes are welcomed, as well as trans and queer-people. There isn’t a special atmosphere only for LGBTQ+ activists or only for fun seekers. Everyone feels comfortable on the platform and finds what he needed.

Moreover, folks who date as a couple or search for friends and business partners, have the ability to link their profile to their partner’s profile. Scruff gay community & chat review wouldn’t be complete without this fact. A travel companion can also be found here.

The absence of ads and bots is one of the biggest advantages. Honestly, other gay dating apps didn’t succeed in this regard at all. Even the best ones have this problem. While creators of Scruff made it possible to verify the photos with the help of written description of them. No one did this before and it seems quite an effective feature.

Experienced online daters know that blurred or headless photos are usually a sign of a low quality of the app. Such photos almost don’t exist on Scruff as users know they won’t be visible to others in Search filters. Those filters are showing only profiles with clearly seen faces on the photos. This feature is pretty innovative too.

Scruff became absolutely famous and loved for its unique ice-breaker: sending Woof! sign to the guy one liked.

The user is getting vital pieces of advice regarding gay dating within the blog, and the quickest / most effective customer support out of all gay dating platforms.

Finally, no one can play games with users’ feelings staying in a shadow, or blackmail them anonymously: each member should indicate his location, and it can be edited daily.

Now it’s completely clear why millions of gay men date on Scruff chat & social network with the utmost success.

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How to find a mate on Scruff: chances and pitfalls

One should be prepared that Scruff offers a different kind of environment than other gay apps and sites. The users can succeed on this platform only if they adopt following rules and strategies:

  • Be open-minded. Not all gay men ever had coming-out in their real life, and they used to be secretive on dating apps. But it makes no sense on Scruff. It’s typical here to be frank about one’s sexual preferences and choices in life. So be open, and be proud, otherwise your search will last much longer.
  • Be stylish. Scruff is a trendy app for trendy people. Profile photos of men are especially bright, unique, fashionable, and qualitative on Scruff. Spend some funds on professional photos, cool wardrobe, and you won’t regret. Users who ignore this necessity and post boring trivial photos, won’t be noticed due to a huge competition.
  • Be social and pro-active. Scruff is a social network, not only a gay hookup app. If you’re a business owner and can offer working places to other guys, or organize cool events for gay men – you’ll be greatly welcomed on a platform and quickly become popular.
  • Have manners. Scruff is famous, first of all, for its safe and non-abusive atmosphere. For sure, you are a very respectful and polite person too, but just in case: never be over-flooded with negative emotions and do not demonstrate any kind of hate or harassment, otherwise, you’ll be banned and eventually deleted from the database.
  • Be ready to experiments. Scruff wouldn’t be that popular if it was one-sided. No, it isn’t only for serious monogamous gay relationships, or only for one-night-stands. Scruff is for all kinds of experiments, including threesomes and group sex for fun. Ready to try, or at least to react politely on such an invitation? Then you’ll be gladly accepted on Scruff!

However, one should take into account the disadvantages of the app too. Vague profiles and a higher price are among them. In addition, multiple complex features, consequently, often make the app crash or slow down.

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Real users’ opinions

Sometimes it’s hard to judge whether the app is right for you or not, even after reading hundreds of reviews and all official descriptions. Although Scruff is absolutely awesome and everyone agrees with that, some nuances should be known in advance so that Scruff gay community & chat review of your own will be positive with much more chances.

“Scruff had been my favourite hookup platform for years. I got used to say Woof! to every guy I like, so it’s already boring for me to date on other apps. The quality of boys is also very high. With such a model appearance, they could expect to be sponsored boys, but they’re mostly very independent and cool. I like this place, it’s full of chances for someone who knows what to do.” (Chuck, 42, New York City)

“I went all stages of relationships thanks to Scruff. I had plenty of hook-ups with its help when I was younger, then I found job through my virtual friend there, met my future partner on that job, and we started a business together. Now we are a stable couple and want some fun before we make further serious steps like adopting a baby. We decided to differentiate our sexual life before we get too classical. Scruff is helping us to find that special person who will make our togetherness even brighter and more intimate, for which I’m thankful.” (Paul, 38, London)

“I must say my sex life would be much poorer without Scruff. Men in gay bars are so cheap and easy, you never know with whom they are sharing you and what’s your number for tonight. It’s different on Scruff. You can establish a normal communication first, find a common ground, learn a person’s interests. Then you set up a meeting. And if you have time and willing to dedicate days and weeks to this new communication, he’ll have no reasons to look elsewhere. That’s why I think Scruff app is also for serious relationships. It all depends on your attitude and personal resources.” (Richard, 35, Miami)

“It’s nothing like what I had on other apps. Just imagine a perfect virtual space for gay dating without ads, scam bots, abusers, and haters. Stylish, elegant, trendy, fashionable, bright, and aesthetically pleasant! I am very happy with Scruff. It is worthy of every penny, I would pay more for such a service. I have met several very cool guys there. We have travelled a lot with one of them and I’m sure I would never meet such a person elsewhere. He’s a diamond indeed. Thank you Scruff, you are making our dreams come true!” (Don, 49, Washington, DC)

“Scruff is my choice after many other failed attempts with weaker apps. I was so disappointed to only find young male prostitutes and old wicked perverts on other platforms, but here all is perfect. You can find friends, future co-workers, penpals, lovers, and even your soulmate here. This is why Scruff is so popular, I guess, and it keeps its positions high. Very well-done! I’ll add that my best friend is also dating online on Scruff and his parents don’t mind, although he’s much younger than me. Even parents see this place is safe and awesome, so if to search somewhere, then definitely here. Safe hookup apps are very rare nowadays, especially in a gay environment. But Scruff is definitely one of them.” (Peter, 26, Seattle)