Why Russian Women Try to Look Extremely Sexy and What are Their Expectations


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Nearly all Western men coming to Russia and other CIS countries notice Russian women are dressed differently than in other counties; they try to always look strikingly beautiful and very sexy. Indeed Russian ladies pay much attention to their appearance and its sexual side. You will hardly see them without make up on (sometimes a bright make up during daytime), beautiful hair styles, and very sexual clothes.

Russian women like clothes tightly fitting their bodies, transparent and everything that shows and emphasizes the merits of the figure: bust, skinny legs, hips and buttocks…The loss of sexuality means the loss of femininity and consequently the loss of good self-appraisal for Russian women. However, this is not that sort of sexuality the main goal of which is making sex, but the wish to be desired, longed-for, that is a woman, to whom a man constantly aspires and wants to conquer. Yes, Russian ladies like to be in the center of attention. They like to be desired by all the men around, but will choose the one to belong to. Russian ladies expect men to notice their feminine side, adore it, even worship it and do everything to conquer their hearts. Though, Russian women dress sexually, they don’t discuss sex and everything connected to it in public. You may wonder why? It is just not acceptable in Russian society. Topics on sex are discussed with very close people, usually sexual partners.

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Together with this Russian sexuality is not only naked parts of the body, but a smile, gesture, turn of the head, look, “accidentally” slipped shoulder strap of a dress… There are no equals for them in this art. Western men are also men and adore coquetry – this is what Russian women are born with.

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